Other Services We Offer

Bespoke Services for Schools

Managing Anxiety & Stress



Offered to groups in a class or youth setting helping them to manage their anxiety at home or school and with different people; whether family or friendships. Including mindfulness techniques.

Managing Anger & Raising Self Esteem


A range of school-based workshops looking at the emotion of anger and how this is expressed. For children and young people to understand triggers for their own anger and how to express it positively.

Training & Support for Parents & Carers


Programmes to help parents and carers deal with the varied and comprehensive challenges of raising children and young people. Delivered by experienced trainers and therapeutic counsellors.

Flexible times & places

We can see children in school hours and afterwards in the school building with agreement of the school. We can also arrange to meet in children's centres after school and in the school holidays. We are fortunate to also have a room for counselling at Bournemouth Learning Centre by appointment.

The Listening Ear can work with you to design an intervention in supporting particular issues or needs linked with the PSHE curriculum.