The Listening Ear is a local charity providing counselling support for children and young people throughout the BCP area since 2002, working within schools and youth centres in partnership with BCP council since 2012.

Our service has been acknowledged by both the BCP council and local schools to be an effective support for mental health and well-being.

​Timely intervention has been proven to help children and young people in times of need. Counselling is a way to provide them with the right tools to manage issues such as anxiety, depression, self-harming, low esteem, as well as many other concerns.

Now, more than ever, our team of fully qualified and DBS checked counsellors understand the need for mental health support. We have adapted our service to be able to continue to meet these needs within our community.

Meet The Team


CYP & Family 


  Sam has been counselling for several years, with experience of working with children and young people within schools supporting them through anxieties, grief and low self esteem amongst other life challenges.

She likes to work creatively where ever possible in a person centred approach, supporting young people in the goals they choose to set.

When not counselling she likes to be outdoors especially walking the dog.

Counselling Manager
CYP & Family Counsellor


Anita has over 30 years experience working with children, young people and families, first as a teacher then as a counsellor.

She works in a person centred way, using mindfulness and creative activities covering issues such as anxiety, depression, self harm, self image and family relationships.

In her free time she likes reading mystery novels and crafting.


CYP & Family 


 Paula has worked with young people in various settings including schools and children homes. She has also worked at local cancer, drug and addiction centres.

She covers the full range of issues that are presented by young people and works in a solution focused approach.

When not  counselling she enjoys riding her motorbike and kayaking